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My Mission

To help developers navigate accessibility jargon, write better code,and to empower them to make their Internet, Everyone's Internet.

Did you know?

Nearly 1 in 5 People in the U.S. Have a Disability.

What is "a11y?"

"a11y" stands for accessibility. It comes from the 11 letters between the first and last letter. This has become a common phrase for Web Accessibility.

What is this blog?

I plan to write mostly about web accessibility. However, sometimes you'll see a sprinkle of entreprenuership, mental health, and working remotely.

Recent Blog Posts

An Introduction to Accessible Labeling

Last week, I got a decent amount of folks who found the aria states blog post helpful. This week I wanted to continue with that and go…

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An Introduction to ARIA States

Hey friends! Today’s blog post comes to you from my Patreon folks’ poll. It’s a follow up from one of my previous posts about…

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My Blogging Editing Process

Hej från sverige! I’m writing this from Stockholm Airport! I’m on my way to Copenhagen to visit a friend (although when I publish this, I…

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